Panasonic Arc4 ES-LF51-A Electric Razor Review

Panasonic Arc4 ES-LF51-A Electric Razor Review

And we are back with Panasonic again! Panasonic Arc4 ES-LF51-A is considered as one of the best brands when it comes to electric shaving and the Arc series is a great representation of that nature. The Arc series has been producing great products for a long time and one of those awesome ones is the Arc4. Arc4 was the most sold razors of Panasonic at the time of launch and till the launch of Arc5. This is considered the iPhone series of electric razors and this is definitely one of the best electric razors that you will find around. Today we will be reviewing this one and we will try to know as much as possible about Panasonic Arc4 ES-LF51-A electric razor.

Panasonic Arc4 ES-LF51-A Electric Razor Review

Great Blades

If someone asks you that what is the first thing you want in a good electric razor, there is a high chance that the answer will be great blades. If we do not get great blades in razors, there is no point in checking out the other features of the product. It really does not matter whether the body is great; we get an LED display and so on if the blades are ordinary. This is a common mistake that most people make. We do not think about the basic stuff and go advance pretty soon. The first thing we need is great blades and this Arc4 actually ensures that.

Good Body

Don’t get it wrong. We are still talking about the electric razors. The Panasonic Arc4 ES-LF51-A has a pretty thin and interesting body. It is easy to hold while shaving and there is no chance that the machine will slip from your hand with the vibration. The rubber grips are very comfortable and it is not one of those razors which lose the beauty with usage. The rubber grip will stay on for a long time and there won’t be any visual changes (in a negative way) no matter how long you use the Arc4 razor. Panasonic Arc4 ES-LF51-A is a good brand and you will immediately understand you are using something special from a good brand by the look of it.


The better the power is in an electric shaver, the smooth the experience will become. Obviously, as you are reading this review we are assuming that you do not own this model yet. We have to tell you that the power this Arc series posse is very high in terms of quality. The motor is considered as one of the highest performing ones in this industry as this can easily cut around 14,000 cuts per minute. If you use it properly, you will not need more than three minutes to completely cut your facial hairs. We understand you are not always in a rush but it is good to know that something is there if you need things at a quicker speed.

Detail Oriented

When we think about the Arc series, we always come up with one conclusion. This is a razor which is completely detail oriented. The brand Panasonic Arc4 ES-LF51-A thought about a lot of stuff before coming up with this design and the features and as this is a series, they are always looking to improve the product from the last one. The detail-oriented nature has been reflected in many ways. The motor is better than anything you have seen and so is the body. The combination of the motor and the body will make sure that you get a brilliant end result.


  • Great body
  • Good grip
  • Efficient motor
  • 14,000 cuts per minute


  • As Arc is a series, there will always be a better one each year

Panasonic Arc4 ES-LF51-A Electric Razor Features

Panasonic Arc4 ES-LF51-A Electric Razor Review

Now it is time to have a quick look at the features of Arc4. We already know about most of the features but it is wise to keep things organized. Let’s go!

  • Great combo of being both wet and dry shaver at one piece
  • Flexible pivot head moves easily
  • Great blades (durable and nanotech)
  • Linear motor and pop-up trimmer
  • Machine washable



Panasonic Arc4 ES-LF51-A Customer Reviews:

Panasonic Arc4 ES-LF51-A Electric Razor is also top rating product on amazon. The average customer ratings of this product 4.4 out of 5 stars. 485 customers have reviewed this product on Amazon.


Let’s address a few questions now to make sure you know each and everything about this electric razor. It is wise to know as much as possible about a product that you are going to buy and that is why let’s address a few common questions here.

  • Is it made in China?

The product is actually made in Japan. You should not worry about this because big brands make sure that the quality is extreme no matter where it is produced.

  • Can I shave with the cords plugged in?

That is a dangerous idea and the answer is no, you can’t. You have to charge it and unplug the cords before you use it. Charging time is pretty low and the charge stays for a real long time. Therefore, this should not be a problem for you.

  • Can I use it to shave my head?

Well, definitely you can. The flexibility of Arc4 is so good that it can actually be used for head and for some other parts too (you know what we are talking about). We even found that women use this exact machine to shave their legs. That may sound creepy but think about it. The product is actually good and that’s why they use it.

Final Verdict


Arc is a great series from a quality brand. If you combine these two features, there is a high chance that you will always end up with a good product and that is exactly what happens with this model. The slight worry that there will be a new product every year and if you can handle that part, go with the model. You will definitely be happy with this in the long run. If you think in a way, there is nothing that will make you go ‘wow’ but there is nothing to ignore the product too. This is a good one for daily usage for years.

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