Panasonic Arc3 ES8243A Electric Shaver Review

Panasonic Arc3 ES8243A Electric Shaver Review

For a long time, I had a lot of facial hair. Not exactly a Mountain Man, mind you, but it was still more than your average five o’clock shadow. Usually, I just used a trimmer to maintain the beard and mustache. Then shaved with a razor for any places that I wanted to be smooth. However, I then switched jobs, and the new company I worked for forbade facial hair (for reasons that were not entirely clear). Thus, it was time to get rid of the beard I had spent years grooming. I quickly realized that shaving my entire face with a razor was not really my style, so I decided to opt for an electric shaver. Thus far, it has been a big relief. Today, I’ll be talking about the Panasonic Arc3 ES8243A. If you’re looking for a durable, powerful shaver, then you’ve come to the right place.

Panasonic Arc3 ES8243A Electric Shaver Review

Panasonic Brand

For many of us, we know Panasonic as the company that produces electronics like TVs and such. However, the brand has also expanded into a wide range of consumer products, including electric shavers. Since its inception in 1955, the company had mostly targeted home theater products, focusing mainly on speakers. Even the name itself is a reference to the type of sound produced by their speakers. However, for the last couple decades, Panasonic has branched out into hygiene products, like the Panasonic Arc3 ES8243A I’ll be reviewing today. The company’s commitment to quality pervades all of their products. The Panasonic Arc3 ES8243A is no different.

Benefits of an Electric Shaver

For most of human history, if a man wanted to shave, it involved bringing a sharp blade dangerously close to his face and neck. Fortunately, with modern technology, you don’t need to mess with razor blades to keep your facial hair in check. The biggest benefits of an electric shaver are:

  • Faster than Traditional Razor
  • More options than a razor blade, with regards to hair length
  • Less irritation and razor burn
  • Usable on the entire body
  • No mess

Electric shavers are certainly becoming the mainstream while some purists swear by a traditional razor. No more hassle of putting on shaving cream and worrying about nicks and scrapes.

Who Needs an Electric Shaver

If you’re the type of person who likes a smooth, clean shave, then an electric shaver can usually give you the results you crave in less than half the time of a razor. Additionally, if you’re the type of person who likes a little bit of stubble, or wants to save time on your morning routine, or prefers to shave without making a mess, then an electric shaver is for you. Finally, many shavers come with a built-in edge trimmer, allowing you to maintain and style your facial hair as you see fit.

Shaver vs. Trimmer

When looking at facial hair products, you may see the terms shaver and trimmer. For the uninitiated, these words may seem interchangeable, but I assure you they are not. Here are the big differences between the two.

  • Shaver: An electric shaver is designed to get a close shave by utilizing motorized blades with a metallic cover to protect your face. Most shavers are flexible and contour to your face for maximum efficiency. It can usually get a nice, smooth shave.
  • Trimmer: As the name would imply, trimmers are used mainly for trimming and maintaining facial hair, without removing all the hair entirely. Most trimmers have adjustable heads so you can customize the length of your beard or mustache without having to worry about cutting too close to the face.

Panasonic Arc3 ES8243A

Panasonic Arc3 ES8243A Electric Shaver Review


  • Nanotech blades mean extra sharp precision
  • Motor creates 13,000 cuts a minute for quick and efficient operation
  • Four stainless steel foils contour to your face for an even closer shave
  • Shaver works at full power until battery dies, so you get consistent results
  • Completely Waterproof, allowing you to shave in the shower
  • LED indicator lets you know how much battery life is left
  • Indicator also tells you when to replace blades
  • Pop-Up edge trimmer enables you to style any facial hair with ease or maintain sideburns
  • Wet or dry capabilities, meaning that you can shave with or without cream
  • Super easy to clean, as you can rinse off without damaging internal mechanics


  • Replacement blades and foil can be expensive
  • In rare cases, the LED display can malfunction and stop working
  • Sometimes the shaver may switch to “clean” mode while shaving, meaning it won’t continue shaving


Highlighted Features of Panasonic Arc3 ES8243A

Panasonic Arc3 ES8243A Electric Razor Review

  • Extra sharp nanotech blades
  • LED indicator informs you of battery life and when to replace blades
  • Pivoting head for better contouring
  • Waterproof
  • Can shave with cream or without
  • Linear Motor creates 13,000 cuts per minute
  • Clean mode allows you to wash shaver quickly
  • Edge trimmer for sideburns and facial hair



→ How long does the shaver last before you need to recharge?

In most cases, you can get about five full shaves before having to plug the device back in. However, if you use it sparingly, you can get maybe six or seven shaves.

→ Can you shave your head with it?

If you have long hair, I wouldn’t recommend using this device. However, if you are looking to maintain a bald head, then yes, the Arc3 is good for getting a close shave on your scalp.

→ Where/How do I get replacement blades and foils?

You can order through Amazon or Panasonic’s website.

Final Verdict



If you’re looking for a high-quality, long-lasting electric shaver, then the Panasonic Arc3 ES8243A is perfect for you. I love the powerful motor and the contouring foils which make shaving a breeze. Some electric shavers don’t get as close as you’d like. It can leave some stubble behind. However, the Arc3 delivers a close shave every time. I also love the fact that it’s waterproof, as I sometimes shave in the shower when I’m running late.

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